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Eday's parents emigrated from Cuba to Miami escaping from communism. They worked very hard to  buy her first piano and pay for lessons at the age of 8. During High School she became a founder member of the Miami Freestyle band ' Paris by Air ' who were signed to Columbia Records and had a string of Hits including ' Voices in your Head ' & ' Come on and Dance with Me '. Eday toured with the band and performed Live on the Jerry Lewis and Casey Kassem Muscular Dystrophy Telethon Charity show in 1990. After leaving the band, Eday moved to New York City where she became involved in the Dance Music Movement. 

In New York City she produced and pressed  her own 12 inch vinyl  ' I' m addicted '  which was later signed  to the popular  House Music label Star 69 and made it to the Billboard Dance Charts. While in New York she worked with unique producers such as Mark Kamins who was responsible for signing artists such as  Madonna, U2 and Sinead O'connor to Record Labels. Eday's song ' Givin it to Ya ' was recorded in Mark's Studio ' Prime Cuts ' but was not released unitl it apppeared on her ' Miami Sensual Lounge Album ' . After New York,  Eday moved back to Miami where she produced and pressed another 12 inch Dance vinyl ' Party to the Music ' which was signed to Gate Records of Japan  by well known NY Producer Junior Vazquez who played at the famous Club The Sound Factory for many years. Later it was remixed by Dutch producer Rene Amesz. for a compilation album by Sander Kleinenberg called ' This is everybody too '. In 2011 the concept and vocals of ' Party to the Music ' were used without permission by a couple of unscrupulous Miami DJ's who used it to produce a rip-off hit and renamed it  as ' Party in Miami '. I suppose plagarism can be seen as a form of admiration !

Wanting to take a break from producing House tracks,  Eday had a passionate Idea for an English, Spanish concept album of sensual lounge pop songs for an international market. She produced, sung and played all of her instruments except for guitars (all played by Nigel Dixon) and named her first solo album  ' Miami Sensual Lounge '.  Following her passion for this type of innovative music, she then produced a second sensual lounge album and named it ' Ibiza Sensual Lounge '. Both Albums have since been played on FM radio stations throughout Europe and featured on stations such as ZEN FM in  Gent, Belgium,  Ibiza and more. 

Returning to her house music roots, Eday went on to produce a collection of  Big Club Dance Tracks specificaly for DJ's and called it  ' Yes the Girl can do it too '.  Desiring to further prove herself as a producer amongst the Ibiza house music scene, she decided to produce a double CD album introducing promising  international DJ's to the Island of Ibiza. The double CD house music album was called ' Ibiza Sensual House ' which included remixes of Eday's Miami and Ibiza Sensual Lounge Albums by  DJs from Mexico, Miami, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy and France.  All four of Eday's albums were distributed in Ibiza stores by Ibiza's biggest distribution company, CYK  Productions.

She currently is working on her next Lounge Album album and some House and Lounge Remixes by some Top International DJ's, travelling between Miami, London, Paris and Palma de Mallorca.  Eday is a member of ASCAP from her work on two films with lead actors Eddie Murphy and Vin Diesel. From analasis of sales data her music is popular in all parts of the World.  Her music is available for purchase or streaming on all the major online stores.


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